Humor Me: Obama Now the Butt of Late-Night Jokes

By Publius
Remember, just a few months ago, the media was saying it was wrong to laugh at Obama. Things change fast…this is a leading indicator of the future. Make sure you send these to everyone you know. Things are starting to¬†go our way..

Jay Leno:

In Hawaii, a billion-dollar Navy warship has run aground, and they can’t get it unstuck. Its name? The USS Economy.

The economy is so bad right now Barack Obama’s new slogan is “Spare Change You Can Believe In.”

The jobless rate has jumped to 7.6 percent, the worst since 1974, and economists are now worried this could lead to a resurgence of disco.

It looks like more than 13,000 people were caught up in that Bernard Madoff Ponzi scheme. You know what a Ponzi scheme is? That’s where you throw good money after bad, or as the government calls it, a stimulus package.

It came out today that the House Democratic Caucus spent $500,000 of taxpayer money for retreats at luxury resorts and spas — though Democrats say that the time was used for “strategic planning for the country.” Really? Then what’s the Capitol building for?

President Obama, getting very tough now, has imposed a $500,000 salary cap for executives getting federal bailout money. And, listen to this: Now on weekends, they can only play miniature golf.

See, the whole theory behind this salary cap is if you’re not performing well, and you’re taking taxpayer money, then that should be reflected in lower wages. Of course, under that criteria, everybody in Congress should get like, what, two bucks an hour?

The King of Comedy Takes on the Messiah.

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